"“If you look after your partners, they'll look after your customers. It's that simple."

A Richard Branson quote, adapted to the legal profession

When we created Fresh, we set out to create a firm that works like a fast and efficient startup company - a firm that would support efficiency and fast growth for its partners and avoid everything that law firms are typically notorious for - committees, long decision making processes, complex revenue splitting mechanisms, hierarchy

This has worked very well for us and the firm has been in growing rapidly. Now we feel that it is the time to invite some more partners to join us.

If you are an independent patent or trademark attorney with the ability to generate business, we are now open to integrating practices into Fresh.

We have identified that the two primary needs of IP practices are paralegal/accounting/admin support to help deal with work that they already have and business development support to help grow their practice. Firms that just set up tend to need business development support more and as they grow, the needs evolve and support becomes more important. We believe that attorneys who constantly bring in new clients and have the structure in place to support them achieve the most successful practices. 

Here is how joining Fresh would work:

The relationship to begin as a consultancy. You will join us as a consultant. You will receive a Fresh email account and will be added to our website. We will be able to pitch work as part of an international brand and we will be able to send you work. The relationship will be non-exclusive with no money changing hands. 

You will be able (but not obligated) to process work through Fresh, subject to standard conflict checks and use our paralegal and foreign associate structure. Our paralegals can handle all case management, invoicing and reporting on your behalf. Our professional indemnity insurance will cover your work. You will receive 80% of the proceeds of projects managed this way and we will receive 20% (of actual cash collected).

You will be able (but not obligated) to receive business development support from us, under our brand. We will work with you to create a business development plan - this typically includes identifying your ideal target audience, creating a soft outreach plan, creating content (written, webinars), communicating the content and following up on a regular basis. We will receive $1,000 a month to support you in your business development. For new practices, payment for the first few months could be deferred or converted to a percentage of billings.